Northern Zambia

Waterfalls, Lake Banquela, Dr Livingstone memorial, Lake Tanganyika and Hot springs

Day 1: Group meets up in Kasane in Botswana. Camp Kasane

Day 2: Cross border into Zambia at Kazangula border post. Activities in Livingstone are on offer. Camp Livingstone

Livingstone, sometimes known as Maramba, is the capital of the Southern Province of Zambia, a tourism centre for the Victoria Falls lying 10 km (6.2 mi) north of the Zambezi River, it is a border town with road and rail connections to Zimbabwe on the other side of the Victoria Falls. A historic British colonial city, its present population was estimated at 136,897 inhabitants at the 2010 census. It is named after David Livingstone, the British explorer who was the first white man to explore the area.

Day 3: From Livingstone to Lusaka. Camp Lusaka

Lusaka is the capital and largest city of Zambia. One of the fastest-developing cities in Southern Africa, Lusaka is located in the southern part of the central plateau at an elevation of about 1,300 metres (4,265 feet). As of 2010, the city’s population is about 1.7 million. Lusaka is the centre of both commerce and government in Zambia and connects to the country’s four main highways heading north, south, east and west. English is the official language of the city, but Nyanja, and Bemba are also common.

Day 4: Lusaka via Kapiri Mposhi and camp at Forest Inn.

Day 5: Early start to reach Dr Livingstone’s memorial, the place where his heart was buried. Continue to Lake Banquela. Camp Lake Banquela.

The Livingstone Memorial built in 1902 marks the spot where missionary explorer David Livingstone died on 1 or 4 May 1873 in Chief Chitambo’s village at Ilala near the edge of the Bangweulu Swamps in Zambia. His heart was buried there under a mpundu (also called mvula) tree by his loyal attendants Chuma, Suza Mniasere and Vchopere, before they departed for the coast carrying his body. In their party was an educated African named Jacob Wainwright who carved the inscription “LIVINGSTONE MAY 4 1873” and the names of the attendants on the tree


 Day 6: Banquela via Mansa and view Ntumbasushi waterfalls. Continue and set camp at Lumangwe falls. 2nd highest from Vic Falls

Lumangwe Falls is like a miniature Victoria Falls except this one is no slouch in its own right. It appeared to be roughly 20-30m tall and spanning a width of over 50m. But it had that wide rectangular shape that made this one of the more memorable waterfalls we saw in the remote Northern Zambia.

Day 7: Spend the day and relax at Lumangwe falls.


Day 8: Early start to reach Lake Tanganyika. Camp Tanganyika

Lake Tanganyika is an African Great Lake. It is estimated to be the second largest freshwater lake in the world by volume, and the second deepest, in both cases, after only Lake Baikal in Siberia; it is also the world’s longest freshwater lake. The lake is divided among four countries – Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, and Zambia, with Tanzania (46%) and the DRC (40%) possessing the majority of the lake. The water flows into the Congo River system and ultimately into the Atlantic Ocean.

Day 9: Relax the day on the shores of the lake. Activities on offer. Camp Tanganyika.

Day 10: Leisure start and reaches Kalambo falls. Longest single drop falls in Africa. Camp Kalambo.

The Kalambo Falls on the Kalambo River is a 772ft (235m) single drop waterfall in Tanzania, very near the border with Zambia at the southeast end of Lake Tanganyika. The falls are some of the tallest uninterrupted falls in Africa (after South Africa’s Tugela Falls, Ethiopia’s Jin Bahir Falls and some more waterfalls). Downstream of the falls the Kalambo Gorge which has a width of about 1 km and a depth of up to 300 m runs for about 5 km before opening out into the Lake Tanganyika rift valley

Kalambo Falls     

Day 11: From Kalambo via Kasama and reach Kapishya hot springs. Camp hot springs

On the vast estate of Shiwa Ng’andu is Kapishya, an exquisite natural hot spring surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and tall raffia palms. The hot water bubbles out from the white sands of a crystal clear pool and flows into the Manshya River

Hot Springs     

Day 12: Group can decide if they want to spend another day at the hot springs

Day 13: Group says farewell. +_ 2 days drive to reach Kasane in Botswana


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