Botswana Kalahari Concession:

The Kalahari Concession lies in the southwest of Botswana and borders on the South, South Eastern part of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park ( Mabuasehube national park ) and is one of the last great unfenced wilderness areas in Southern Africa. Roughly 800 people live in a few small villages. There are two major ethnic groups; the Bakgalagadi and Basarwa or San. The latter lives here for 3 000 years. Vast herds of game can still be seen in typical Kalahari veld with rolling grass plains and Acacia woodland. The area is dotted with pans (dry lakes) which fill up with water after good rains in summer and attract large herds of eland, gemsbok, springbok, red hartebeest, some predators and many birds. Over 50 species of raptors have been recorded here. Kaa Concession is of ecological importance as it is the migratory corridor between the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and Central Kalahari Reserve.


Day 1:

Groups from JHB / PTA can either cross border into Botswana via Lobatse, via Jwaneng and Turn at Sekoma where we meet up in Khokotsa around lunchtime. This is +_ 650 km. Alternative route from Jhb via Vryburg and Kuruman Tsabong or Mafikeng, Bray is +_ 800 km. Last fuel stop will be Sekoma, Bray, Tsabong or Werda ( do not rely on availability at Werda ) Camp at Heinies pan.

Day 2 – 7:

The trip continue all alongside different pans, Jacks pan, Peach pan, Gadi pan, Towe pan, Gaa pan and Name pan on interesting tracks. Do not hesitate to bring your off road trailer or caravan

We will be camping twice for 2 nights at one pan, all depends on wildlife activity. Normally nights 2 & 3 and nights 6 & 7.


Day 8:

Early morning pack up in order to reach your destination via Zutswa, fuel filling in Hunkuntsi ( if available ) where the group says farewell. Kang normally has fuel. From Kang back to Sekoma and Lobatse

Kilometres in total from JHB / PTA on the Lobatse route and back are +_ 3 000 km


PLEASE NOTE:        

Price includes:   

  • Guide fees (vehicle and fuel)
  • All bookings and arrangements
  • All camp, concession and transit fees
  • Extra recovery equipment

Price excludes:      

  • Own vehicle, fuel and camping equipment
  • All food and drinks
  • Medical evacuation and travel insurance
  • Cross border charges
  • Anything else not mentioned above

Note: Make sure you will have enough supplies ie. shower and drinking water, food, drinks etc for the 7 nights, and fuel for +_ 1000 km while on the route. This 1000km does not include the travel distance to the meeting and from the farewell point.

Warning: You will be camping in a wild wildlife area with no facilities at all, and no fences, with different kind of predators which might be visiting our camping sites day or night time, so please be aware and awake at all times and don’t take chances when conditions are bad.

We really looking forward in meeting up with you and spend a few nights under a million star hotel and big camp fire.

Safaris are based on minimum 4 vehicles / 8 people and maximum 6 vehicles

                                     Booking in advance will avoid disappointment